Project: Homing

2018 // Video installation & painting serie

Homing is a series of staged situations, wherein the connection between a fictional couple in a new urban district is the central focal point. By placing two actors in typical daily situations, a staged living happiness is reconstructed. By setting up the context and hardly instructing the actors, a fly-on-the-wall situation is organized. A video registration formed the filmmaker’s interpretation of the different situations. Selected snapshots from the registration are the basis for the paintings.

Growing up in the eighties, I became a child of the everything-can-be-made generation. Our more and more technocratic society makes us believe that everything is ‘makeable’ and to regulate. The same goes for our living happiness. At a time when a shortage of new homes pressurizes the housing market and the social dimension is easily overlooked in large-scale building projects, the individual adaptability to create one's own home is intriguing. But is the current constructed living happiness a genuine happiness, just like an authentic Italian ice cream always tastes better than the imitation? How do we make our own, unique home in the large-scale new housing projects? How are we able to create happiness in a constructed society?
Oil on canvas // 50x20cm // 2017

Oil on canvas // 70x40cm // 2017

Oil on canvas // 60x30cm // 2017

Oil on canvas // 120x90cm // 2018

Oil on paper // 100x70cm // 2018

Daan & Mirjam
Oil on paper // 50x70cm // 2018

Oil on canvas // 140x100cm // 2018

Oil on canvas // 140x100cm // 2018

Oil on cardboard // 50x40cm // 2018

Oil on canvas // 80x40cm // 2018

Oil on paper // 70x50cm // 2018

Oil on canvas // 150x110cm // 2018

Oil on canvas // 80x170cm // 2017

Oil on canvas // 65x45cm // 2018

Window dressing
Oil on canvas // 70x30cm // 2017