The works on this page can be ordered online. Just select a work you like and send your request. There’s even an option to lease work, as long as you reside in The Netherlands. 

All works are originals and come with a certificate of authenticity.


Can’t choose? Try leasing. Pay a monthly contribition and switch work once you get bored with your current wallpiece.

This leasing cookie crumbles real easy.

- You can lease artwork starting from €20,-/month, it’s up to you. 
- You’ll save every Euro from you monthly contribution, so can use it to buy any work later on.
- You can have a look and pick up work at my studio in Utrecht, but I can also ship it (+€15,-).
- You can quit the lease period at any moment in time.
- You brake/damage it, you buy it. 
- Unfortunately for the Dutch only, sorry.